Christian Life Fellowship is a fellowship of believers who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and strive to live out their faith as detailed in the Statement of Faith and Statement of Purpose.

Christian Life Fellowship is affiliated with Apostolic Christian Church – Nazarene across USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Papua New Guinea. This denomination originated in the Anabaptist movement of the 18th century in western Europe and spread to other continents through migration of its members over the last two centuries.

In Australia, it was first established in early 1960s by migrants from southern and central Europe. Fellowships were started in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Initially they were all ethnically based.

In 1981 an English speaking congregation was opened in Sunshine, Victoria. This congregation retained the same roots, however in order to manage it’s legal obligations, the congregation was incorporated in 2002 and adopted a new name – Christian Life Fellowship.

It’s Statement of Faith is based on the Nicean Creed and the traditions of Protestant Christian Faith. This is also reflected in the Statement of Purpose developed by the fellowship to express the practices within this body of believers.