REAL Youth




REAL youth group is a program designed for high school teens helping them to make new friends and discover God through relationships with others. These social nights are where youth can hang out, participate in games and activities as well as take time out to discuss real life experiences, tell stories and learn from one another.

We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment where youth can express themselves and be challenged by real life issues. REAL is built on Biblical values and experiencing the REAL difference that Jesus makes.

By participating in REAL Youth, teens are encouraged to:

  • Respect each other and other people’s opinions & beliefs
  • Express themselves
  • Actively participate and enjoy the activities
  • Learn to develop new friendships, with confidence

REAL Youth nights are generally held on Fridays on a fortnightly basis excluding school holidays.

The nights begin at 6:30pm and activities are planned for each school term and a program is given to each participant at the start of each school term. The program is a guide only and may change depending upon weather, number of participants and availability of leaders. REAL Youth nights are supervised however parents/guardians are welcome to stay for the program.
If you would like to know more about REAL or about any of the upcoming events please fill out the contact form on this page and we will be in touch soon!