With Australia being so diverse in culture, many of us can relate to how hard it is to arrive in a foreign country and start fresh without having any of the friends, family or community connections we may have had back home.

ISM (International Student Ministry) reaches out to international students in the surrounding area to help bridge this gap. We aim to partner with local universities such as Victoria University in St. Albans as well as connect with students through Christian student organisations such as Christian Union to build relationships with those currently going through the transition of settling in Australia, whether it be short or long term.

Whether you are a Christian, exploring the idea of faith or never heard the name JESUS we would love to connect with you. While our focus is on international students, we are equally open and excited to connect with local students all the same. Irrespective of your background or religion, we are eager to hear your story.

ISM organises occasional road trips and social outings and also aims to have regular meetings where we can get to know each other, explore Christianity together and build relationships.

If you would like to know more about our International Students ministry or about any of the upcoming events please fill out the contact form on this page and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.